Case Example

Attraction GB wanted to find out what their online audience is like, and where it stands amongst competitors in Singapore, Hong Kong and Thailand in terms of audience perception. Lastly, it wanted to know which influencers or what type of micro-influencers would best help engage their target audience.

After going through 56 million data points:

AI-Powered Audience Insights found distinct consumer profiles that allowed it to target using Social Media Channels FB and IS. A different effort needed to be undertaken using WC.

AI-Powered Competitor Insights found that Attraction GB ranked well in terms of perception but that it needed to improve engagement via direct reach. AI also helped to find distinct country that should be targeted.

Content was then checked against AI-Powered Content Insights to see how the targeted audience would accept the messages.

An initial list of 20 micro-influencers was found by AI-Powered Influencer Insights for Attraction GB to work with on crafting awareness campaigns.

AI Customer Targeting Reports

EnReech has partner up with Somin.Ai to provide you unique insights and new perspective that surpassed all method of research conventional marketing are using. The benefits are as follow:

-Uses AI to profile you and your competitors to identify precise target audience for your business.
-Locate the influencer that can reach your target audience