Case Example

Johan wanted the loyalty points to be credited to the member account concurrently once they complete any purchases. Also, he wanted his customer to be able to redeem rewards from his loyalty platform with points + partial cash if they do not have enough points. He signed up to POS Integration module on Enreech, now his customer will receive points immediately after their purchases and can complete a redemption using loyalty points and partial cash if they do not have enough loyalty points in their member account. 

POS (Point-of-sale) Integration Module

POS Integration Module improves the overall experience of customer earning and burning loyalty points in your loyalty program. It allows you to:

-Automate the credit of loyalty points to members when they complete any purchases.
-Enable members to redeem items wit loyalty points + cash payment if member do not have enough loyalty points.
-Encourage members spending in a way that no other loyalty program has made easier before.